The Companies Who Love Me Back!

   This page is dedicated to thanking those companies who send back all the love Longboard-Life has for them. Every one of these companies is awesome and they deserve your support, they already have mine!

I was lucky enough to be appointed an agent of change for Surf-Rodz and I am unbelievably grateful. I currently play a major role in gathering content for their Agents of Change magazine. Surf-Rodz makes high end products without the extreme price tag. I ride Surf-Rodz on all of my favorite setups and have never looked back!

Loaded Boards and Orangatang Wheels
Loaded and Orangatang are always working on new designs and, in my humble opinion, jump started the board dancing revolution and reinvigorated longboarding as we know it today. Their boards and wheels are tons of fun and are built to thrash. I love these guys and cannot recommend them enough!

Bustin Boards
Bustin Boards always push not only innovation in their designs but style! So much so that you can actually customize the graphics on their decks so you can rock your own personal brand of swag!!! They have always been a huge Longboard-Life supporter and have sent me a bunch of gear to review and I have been super happy with all of it.

Original Skateboards
Original Skateboards stokes the longboarding fire harder than most. They catch a lot of unwarranted hate in the community despite being one of the first companies to support local events. Their line-up of boards features a variety of designs, shapes, and concavities. There is a board to fit pretty much any riding style somewhere in their collection.

Holesom produces some of the coolest stuff on the market, from their sweet and natural finish boards, to Nectar wheels, to scented slide pucks. You heard me correctly, scented slide pucks! Holesom also has the coolest attitude ever and only spreads seriously good vibes.

Riptide Bushings
Riptide pumps out what is probably the most overlooked part on a skateboard... bushings! The best way to make a stale setup feel fresh is to swap out the bushings. Riptide is intensely dedicated to making a quality product and is full of some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

Abec 11
Abec is known for making some of the best skateboard wheels on the market! They have been at it for a long time and literally have it down to a science and can equip pretty much any board for any riding situation. Their green thane is literally an icon to longboarders the world over.

Paris Trucks
Paris is the go to truck for a large chunk of longboarders and with good reason. Their trucks are lively, responsive, and with the release of their version two trucks better than ever. I started skating on Paris trucks and still love to tear through town on them.

Stereo Skateboards
Stereo Skateboards have been around for a while now but they have only recently started making their new Vinyl Cruisers which have all the fun of old timey 70's boards with a nice affordable price tag slapped on!

Fireball Wheels
Fireball makes some sick wheels that are super fun to ride and that dump thane everywhere. They come in three durometers and colors and have a great shape for an all around wheel. They also come in two sizes 70mm and 76mm so you can go fast or go really fast!

Omen Longboards
Omen makes boards that are designed to push your downhill and freeride skills to the next level. They are based out of the West Coast and put their boards through the motions on the super steep hills the west is notorious for. Omen is constantly pumping out new and sick boards!

Blood Orange 
Blood Orange makes a variety of quality gear including bushings, grip tape, slide gloves, and bearings. Blood Orange is a sister company to Caliber and together they make a near unstoppable team.

Riviera Skateboards
Riviera offers a large variety of board shapes from cruisers to flexy drop through boards. They have also been working with big wigs like Amanda Powell on some new downhill boards we can look forward to. The best part about Riviera boards is that even though they offer high end performance they have a great price tag.

Divine Urethane Company
Offering up wheels and bushings Divine has some nice goodies to make your longboarding experience all the more enjoyable. Their wheels offer up grip or slide based on your selection and their urethane is super smooth and pours thane everywhere.

Caliber Truck Company
Caliber is known for making quality trucks that meet the expectations of modern longboarders. They offer trucks in a variety of colors, sizes, and baseplate angles.  Caliber also recently added precision trucks to their line up for people who really want to get fast.

Balance Wheels
Balance is a relatively new company on the scene and came out swinging with their first wheel; Northern Lights. Northern Lights are not only a great freeride wheel, but also have a glow in the dark core. What else would you want in a wheel?

Sector 9
Is there any company as iconic as Sector 9? Sector 9 has been around longer than pretty much any other company in the industry and has been providing boards to skaters every step of the way. With the addition of their Downhill Division line of boards Sector 9 has a little something for everyone.

Volante currently has 3 wheels in their line up and each one is awesome. I have been continually impressed by the growth of Volante and their continued attention to quality.

Rider Approved Designs (RAD)
RAD was founded by two of the gnarliest dudes in the industry, Louis Pilloni and James Kelly. These two guys have been pushing the limits for a while now and continue to do so through their wheels.

These Wheels
There are few companies that can break into the market with a high end wheels like These and do well. However, due to their high quality urethane and excellent design These has done just that. It's not easy to reinvent the wheel, but somehow they got pretty close.

Triple 8
I don't think there is any piece of equipment as important as your helmet. Triple 8 offers a variety of helmets and safety gear to keep you in one piece long enough to skate another day.

Metro Wheel Co.
Metro offers up a number of sweet shapes to meet the needs of even the most discerning of skaters. If you are into freeride then I think Metro might be your company because boy do they make some slidey wheels.

DB Longboard and Cloud Ride Wheels
DB has been knocking out tons of new shapes lately that are both innovative and awesome. They boards are super unique and often oriented toward those of us who like to go slideways when skate. In addition they also produce the ever so buttery Cloud Ride series of wheels.

G-Form makes all sorts of pads to keep you (or your phone) safe in pretty much any situation. However, what really makes their products unique is that they are soft to the touch but, through the wonders of nanoscience, harden on impact to keep you safe from harm.

Tiger Skate Designs
Tiger Skate Designs have been making slide pucks for a couple of years now but recently dropped a new freeride wheel onto the market. Tiger has a eye for high quality materials and I cannot recommend their products enough.