Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Documentary -- UNC Longboarding Club

Hey World,
Check out this awesome documentary by the UNC Longboarding Club's Videographer Alex Joiner! He is the man and so is this documentary!!!
Filmed and Edited by Alex Joiner!
Thanks to VIRGINS for the opening track!


  1. I love longboarding: It's practical. I can go around in a longboard instead of using a car on some days.
    I'd like to see volleyball or baseball have some direct real life application (okay, the sports kind of have,
    you can run faster and whatnot but still! It's different from longboarding's practicality).
    Nikita Holm

  2. I always love to read or watch anything which is related to the skateboarding. Today i watched another funny skateboarding film by a new filmmaker. I like that film. Now i am also loving this documentary.