Monday, November 19, 2012

Ask a Pro -- Molly Lewis Interview

Hey Longboard-Life Dudettes and Dudes,

Today we have something special lined up for, an interview with none other than Molly Lewis. Molly is an incredibly talented skater who also happens to be relatively local because she is from Wilmington, NC. I had the pleasure of meeting Molly at the Skate Vendetta we had over here at UNC a couple weeks back and I was also able to witness her just tearing it up!

Tell us a little about yourself?
Hey I’m Molly...I guess I’m a bit of an interesting skater. I’m generally super chill but I get pretty into it when I’m trying to land a trick or a certain line ahaha. There’s more to life than skating, but its my main deal for sure.
How long have you been skating?
I’ve been pushing all types of wood since I could walk But I got my first board when I was 12 from my inspiration; Ray Underhill (Rest in Peace) then started entering miniramp comps. A few years later when I was 14 my uncle helped me build and shape my own longboard skate... carving turned into cross stepping, which turned to shuvits and manuals, which turned to freeriding and now downhill (baby steps for sure! I’ve had a few scares with downhill, but I’m into it haha!

What is your favorite type of riding?
Freeriding for sure!! A hill with turns preferably.. straights are all I have at home, they gets tedious hah!

Do you have a favorite trick or fancy skate maneuver?
I don’t know...I usually get a kick out of fast sketchy slides when I almost (or should have) eaten it real bad but make it out haha.

Alright, everyone has one of those moments in skating where you feel like you just made a huge break through and are totally awesome, have you had a moment where you learned something new and thought "OMG, why am I so good at skateboarding?" (mine was my very first shove-it, haha)Yes for sure!! Well I do remember when I got in the Original Freeride video... I was too hyped haha. I always try to keep a humble attitude though! Humility is one of my favorite traits in people, I admire it for sure and try to remember it myself!

How do you like skating Wilmington?
Its not exactly the number one skate destination... I am always begging my team manager to get me out on a trip somewhere haha. I am so attached to my family and the community here, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be here for...

I have heard that the classes at UNCW have board racks in them because so many people there skate! Can you tell us if this is true? And what is the skate scene in Wilmington as a whole like?Skate scene is great! We have an amazing surf community first!! I teach surf lessons and film some of my amazing surf friends just killing it. My heart is in the ocean not always the mountains... I try to relate that to my skating for sure. But anyways yea sooo many people skate! Its mostly people on their cruisers in their flip flops or Toms shoes pushing know haha? Thats the bulk of the skate population. After that comes a little margin of street and park skaters, then maybe a total of 20 who can make it down our humble hill.
Do you feel like being in Wilmington has helped you grow as a skater or kind of held you back? For those of you who don't know... Wilmington, NC is very very flat, haha.Well if I didn’t grow up here I’m not sure I would have skated in the first place... So in the beginning it was amazing, its the perfect beginner stoke feeder town. Now it is holding me back from learning downhill and
skating different steeper hills and having a community actually pushing me.

Favorite food, color, animal, soda, and hobby aside from skating?
Favorite food is Tower 7 Baja Fish Tacos! My favorite color changes with the seasons. For my favorite animal it is for sure, 100% a Unicorn, they're real!! As for soda I am proud to say I stopped drinking soda pretty recently! Its going well, all an effort towards healthier living! Lastly for hobbies it is definitely surfing!! Being in the ocean is the best place to be! I’m sure my lacrosse coach would like to see lacrosse up here though...haha.”

I know you have a few sponsors, who do you ride for?
I’m a team rider for Original Skateboards! They are number 1 in supporting me and take me around the world, I’m so blessed for such a family over there. Also supporting me helping me are SOCCO Socks, Holesom Pucks and Aussie Island Surf Shop! All of these sponsors are like families to me and I don’t think every rider is able to say that, so I appreciate that so much.
How did you go about getting sponsored?
Well for Original I sent the video to them and one other company and had to decide between the two! I was pretty bad back then, I’m so glad OS saw my potential and gave me a chance! As for the other sponsors they just came into play. They all just sort of happened one day haha, no planning or “sponsor me” videos for them.

What has been your favorite setup ever?
Holy smokes I don’t know what to say... I’m such a hippy and get attached and into whatever board and set up I have, its hard to pick a favorite. I do dig 65mm wheels. Gonna thank Brett Ciabattini for setting up my board with 65’s one day because I was too tired to do it at the time. Now I’m hooked.”

We talked a little bit about an article I wrote, "She is an Awesome Skater... For a Girl," and you said that you really liked it. What do you wish to see for the world of women and skating?I see so much potential in women's skating! It has come such a far way! I got sooooo inspired when I went to the Dominican Republic and saw all the girls shredding and going fast!! I’ve never seen that before!! I say ladies keep it real... Go fast and use the style you got! I think the key for growth in women's skating is being feminine, presenting yourself well, be well spoken, and shred! You don’t wanna be “good for a girl!” aim to be a great skater.
You're graduating pretty soon, do you have any big plans???
Yes I do! I have been getting guidance and support from my family and friends, some who are very successful in the skate industry. I am planning off finishing my school year strong with good grades then skate full time! I have some big plans for my future, I’m not just living in the “now” and understand professional skateboarding isn’t a job I will have forever. But I’m stoked to say very soon I will be able to devote much more time to skating and going faster!

Well, thank you so much for this interview, do you have any shout-outs you want to make?
For sure!!! Shout out to my Uncle, Pat Holian!! He is the guy who helped me build my first longboard! He is such an OG! Back in the day shredding the hills in Long Island with nothing but slide gloves! Also my family is so supportive, they know my dreams and help me in anyway possible live them! Its great to call home on skate trips and having my family so stoked to hear the hills I skate and how fast I’ve gone. Also to Pam Diaz and Amanda Powell taking me under their wings. They are so good and so fast, they’re both just great role models and will do anything to help me. Lastly God for giving me some talent and motivation to work with!
I always end my posts by saying "Stay Awesome." So I have one last question for you, Molly, what do you do to stay awesome?
Haha I like this! Well I think if you watch Ferris Buellur enough times your are bound to end up pretty awesome, right?
One more huge thanks to Molly for the interview and to of her sponsors who are helping her spread all the stoke!

Stay Awesome,