Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The DBS Order to End all DBS Orders

   Last week the UNC Longboarding Club made the hugest most epic order from Daddies Board Shop ever. Student congress gave us $2500 to buy parts for the club's library which, thanks to DBS and the lovely Sarah Loveland, we put to great use!!!
Check out these sweet photos from the unboxing.... and yes, go ahead, be jealous
So it begins....

two giant boxes!!!

Nate and a bag of Nipples!

Alyssa with come Centrax, Michael with some Durians, and Wayne with an Evo 

Too much stuff to hold

Pass the tweakers please

Voodoo anyone?

some tan tien action

the pile of wheels starts relatively small

look at all the goodies

Did we open a shop?

sooooo many bushings

dreams coming true

13 sets of loaded slide gloves anyone???

A HUGE thanks to Daddies for hooking our club up with an awesome discount!
They are the bestest sponsors ever!!!