Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Heart's a Stereo -- Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Review

Hello World!
   Well a little while back I posted a quick blurb about the Stereo Vinyl Cruisers that I had heard about. Well the crew over at Stereo was nice enough to send one over to me so that I could try one out and relay my thoughts on them to you. Which is exactly what I intend to do now.

   The Stereo Vinyl Cruisers are not your typical skateboard in that they have large soft wheels and carvey trucks they are also not your typical longboard in that they are only 22inches long. Which is quite the shortness compared to what you might normally find me riding (i.e. something along the lines of my 48.5in longboard). Being so small it actually took me a day or two to get used to, but after learning not to step off the board it was all smooth sailing.
   The Stereo Vinyl Cruiser comes in at a tiny 22in long and 6in wide. It is rocking equally little trucks with super soft bushings for that carveyness a board like this yearns for. The wheels are 59mm in diameter and 78a in hardness with a pretty wide contact path for such a small wheel. This gives the wheels a nice acceleration and roll speed. But enough with the technical specifications, let's get into what matters, how the board rides.
From the Old School to the New School
   This Vinyl little bad boy is super duper fun! Every inch of the cruiser is put to good use without the bells and whistles you might see on other boards. It has plenty of room for a comfortable stance when riding around town and it has a nice little kicktail on the back. The kicktail is great for a couple of reasons 1) any board is better with a kick 2) it makes dropping curbs when cruising through town a breeze and 3) you can actually get a little pop off of the tail so you can ollie and kickflip and what not. Where does this board really shine? It shines in two departments... commuting and looking steezy.
   You can grab this bad boy and get ready to SHRED the town, the campus, the skatepark, anywhere. I love getting my Stereo Cruiser under my feet in the sunny weather and just riding. Going from point A to point B isn't the goal on this board this, instead the goal becomes to get to your destination in the most exciting and creative way possible. You can't help but have a blast on a Stereo Cruiser, it's almost like that's what they were designed for...
   Not only is commuting super fun on this board it is super is stylish! You totally turn heads when you cruise by a group of people with this little piece of awesomeness under you. Not to mention the fact that you totally get to rock the matching pair of sunglasses that come with the deck! I love that my lime green board has a matching pair of lime green glasses. Whenever I step on this board I feel like I have to live up to its super stylish fun vibe, so I channel my inner Z-Boy slap on a pair of old school vans and my matching shades and hit the town.
   It is also a great board for people to learn on, in fact I give skateboard lessons to some of the kids at the afterschool program I work with every now and then and the Stereo Cruiser is perfect for them. It fits their feet and size super well, it rolls further with every push than a traditional skateboard, and it looks fun with all its bright colors! Everyone I know who has ridden this board has fallen in love with it, haha. My buddies who skate street and in parks like because its different and funky but still functional in many different situations. All my amigos who ride longboards like it because its has great commuting capabilities without all the weight and bulk of a full length longboard.
   Would I recommend the Stereo Vinyl Cruiser??? That is a resoundingly complete yes! It is a great board for someone looking to cruise a town, a fantastic board people to learn on, and those a little more advanced will find it just as gnarly! It can do everything you're looking for in a little shredder and to top it all off you can stash it in your backpack when it's not time to skate (even  though that time is NEVER, haha). However, do you know the best part about the Stereo Vinyl Cruiser? The price tag!!! You get the complete and the rocking sunglasses for only 80 bucks! I have had a blast on my Stereo Cruiser and I think anyone who likes to skate would love to grab one of their own, so head and try one for yourself!
My Stereo Vinyl Cruiser with a little grip added
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