Friday, October 19, 2012

Kicking it Up a Notch -- Original Apex 40 Diamond Drop Review

Oh Hello Adoring Masses,
   I have been rocking a new deck for the past couple of weeks the Apex 40 Diamond Drop. Most people were pretty surprised to hear that Original released another Apex 40 after already dropping two versions not too long ago. However, the new Apex fills some gaps left by the older models.
   The Apex 40 now comes in three models. Each one has the same basic shape but is designed slightly differently to lend itself better to other disciplines of riding. There is the Apex 40 AVRockerConcave which has the flattest platform with the most sharply angles kicktails and is designed for some serious freestyle and flip tricks. Next in line is the Apex 40 DoubleConcave which has a micro drop in the platform and is meant for the intersection of freestyle and freeride. Finally there is the new Apex 40 Diamond Drop which has a full on drop platform and tons of concave to help keep your feet locked in. This board is intended to have a focus on freeride but remain just as comfortable on the flats. 
   I have really been enjoying the Apex 40 Diamond Drop but before I get into all the reasons why, let's go over the technical specifications of the board.
Apex 40 Diamond Drop
40.75 in
28 in
9.75 in
0.925 in
Special Features
Double Kicks, Drop, Carbon, Kinky Tub Concave

   As far as construction goes, the Apex 40 Diamond Drop is something else. My favorite part of the construction is the layer of carbon fiber. While carbon is definitely heavier than wood (making the Apex 40 a little heavier than other boards of the same size) it is also incredibly hard to break. I like that I can take my Apex off big ledges or do a million flip tricks without worrying about the board snapping ever. I have intentionally tried to beat my Apex to hell and it doesn't look any worse for the wear.
   Beyond the construction of the board my Apex 40 Diamond Drop is also outfitted with the new Original Kicksavers. They are thick plastic pieces that fit over the noses of the Apex line (any Apex) and protect your board from an array of damage inflicting sources. Having these on your board keeps it safe and sound from razor tail and the dreaded curbing incidents that are known to kill longboards.

The Apex 40 Diamond Drop can really hold its own in a variety of riding situations and styles.
This board is freaking fun to commute on! It really has everything you could look for in a campus crusher or store runner. The drop platfrom makes the Apex 40 Diamond Drop super duper easy to push. It keeps you lower to the ground so that you don't have to squat really low every time you want to push like you do with most topmount boards. Another great feature for a commuter is the presence of at least one kicktail, and the Apex 40 Diamond Drop has two of those bad boys. They make dropping curbs or popping your board up nice easy so that you can zoom around town in style.
The Apex 40 Diamond Drop is not the best board in the whole world to downhill on, however, there are a few nice things you notice when going fast. The best downhill aspects for me both have to do with the drop platform. The full drop in this Apex gets you down low and keeps your center of gravity close to the ground which always helps with speed. The other thing I really like is the concave of the Apex 40 Diamond Drop which is very comfortable and keeps you locked in, the angle of the drop in the platform also gives you a nice spot to tuck up against if you're ever trying to your full tuck on.
If there has ever been a board that is ready to freestyle it is the Apex 40 Diamond Drop. I have only ridden mine with the Original Kicksavers on it and they make this board all the more dope for freestyley goodness. The kicksavers give the board a little added pop and a little more width for your feet to grab onto. I was worried they would feel kind of awkward before I actual rode it, however, I actually prefer having them on there. Also when I fall freestyling, which happens sometimes, I don't have to worry about my board because the kicksavers keep it nice and safe. I thought that the drop platform would make flip tricks kind of weird but was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn't at all. I really enjoy this as a rough and tumble freestyle board that I can take through anything.
This is the discipline that the Apex 40 Diamond Drop was designed around. I think the other decks in the Apex line fall short in the realm of freeride, however, the Diamond Drop picks up all the slack and then some. This board is freaking great for freeride and I take it out to the steep hills on the regular. All the angles and concave in the board lend themselves to long slides like nothing else. The concave keeps you locked in so that you can slide from the platform but, if you're into it, you can also wrap your heel or toe around the edges of the board. I also really like that the Apex 40 Diamond Drop has kicktails on either side because I really like symmetrical boards and I have been trying to learn how to hold out blunt slides, which has been nice and easy on this board.
Let's get to the bottom line:
Would I recommend this board to a friend?
I absolutely would. Normally I recommend a board to someone looking for particular traits in a board, however, I think that the Apex 40 Diamond Drop would actually make pretty much any longboarder quite happy. Unfortunately, some people seem to have personal vendettas against Original, but I think this board might be enough to change to their minds if they would actually take one out for a ride.

All in all the Original Apex 40 Diamond Drop is one board to rule them all. It is symmetrical with double kicks for people who like spin and freestyle, it is a topmount which is nice for freeride, but it still rides low which is great for commuting and going fast. To top it all off the black dip and the Pink Floyd-esq graphic is quite the head turner when cruising through town.
Any questions, concerns, loveletters, spam, comments?
Send them my way!!!
Stay Awesome,

My Current Favorite Setup:
-Original Apex 40 Diamond Drop
-Surf-Rodz 176mm RKPs 50* Plates
-Orangatang Baluts 72.5mm 83a
-Daddies Ceramic Bearings
-Orangatang Nipple Bushings Soft
-As always Holesome Slide Pucks and a Helmet


  1. Hey just wondering if you have any suggestions for a wheel to throw on my diamond drop that would have to put up with a lot of bricks and flats?

    1. Hey Erin,
      My campus is also full of brick sidewalks, so I know what youre going through, haha. If you are looking to mostly commute then I would say that an 80a Orangatang 4president would be the way to go.

      for freestyle, something nice and light (but not too small) around 65mm, i like 66mm abec 11 freerides

      for freeride i would go with some thaney wheels like 70mm sector 9 butterballs

    2. I have this board to and I was wondering if you have any problems with wheel bite. I have 72.5 baluts but i decided to get 60mm wheels and put those on instead should i worry about wheel bite at all?

    3. Hey Gedi,
      So I am currently running Caliber 50* degree trucks and 72.5mm Orangatang Morongas on Apex 40 DD and have no wheelbite issues.
      Smaller wheels, like 60mm wheels will definitely not have a problem with wheel bite!
      Let me know if you have any more questions!

    4. P.S. Gedi
      In the pictures above I am actually riding Baluts without a problem (complete setup: was Apex 40, paris trucks, and Baluts)

    5. Well I went with stims 83a and are loving em, tried to find all your suggestions at my local store but they were fresh out, but thanks for pointing me in the direction of o-tangs. I gotta ask tho, why are you so obsessed with surf-rodz? Im considering looking into a pair but Im not sure whether Id want a pair of Indeez or Rkps, and whether I want to shell out another $150-200. Hoping you could give me some insight.

    6. Hey Erin,

      I am obsessed with surf-rodz for a couple reasons, but to be honest one of those reasons is that I work for them, haha.

      If you do decide to get a set, I would say choose the truck based on your riding style. Indeesz are great if you are into freestyle or relatively slow freeride (under like 25-30mph). If you are looking to go really fast or hit slides going really fast (well above 30mph) then I would recommend going with a set of RKP's.

      However, I think a lot of people fall into the precision trap, haha. They don't make you better at skating or anything like that. So unless you just have cash to burn I normally tell people that they can get just as good and have just as much fun on cast trucks :)

    7. Thanks for the honesty! Dont get much of that now-a-days. The other tough decision Im trying to make at the moment is what would I like my second board to be. I want to get a second board for several reasons, but the main being that I want a board to lend to a friend and one that will give me a different ride. I wanted a smaller board, something in the 33-37in range which will have the ability to carve relatively well, slide and be used for slight downhill. Kind of an impossible mix, but I've found that the landyachtz peacemaker or ripple ridge are good starting points to what im looking for. If you could recommend several boards that fit those categories that would be awesome dude! Thanks again for all your help!

    8. Hmmm...
      I am a fan of symmetrical boards, some of these may be a little longer than your specs, but here are some of my favorite all around boards

      -Bustin Boombox
      -Loaded TanTien
      -Bustin Yoface
      -LBL DK Penguin
      -Sector 9 Sprocket
      -Rayne Rival
      -Chubby Unicorn

      -Omen Mini Sugar
      -Landy Peacemaker or Trooper
      -New Landy Dinghy (Looks fun but never tried them)
      -Loaded Fattail
      -Loaded Poke
      -Jet Kool Kick
      -Riviera Jellies

      Hope that helps!
      All of them are super fun boards that I think would meet your requirements nicely :)

  2. Do you know how much the Diamond Drop is? Just the deck alone?

    1. Hey Kyle,
      The deck alone is about 230 bucks (US dollars)

      If you have any more questions, hit me up!!!

  3. I was wondering how strong the board is. i am 6 foot and about 170 pounds. Will the flex on this board be too much for me and would it snap or crack?

    1. Hey Ty,
      The deck should be totally fine for you. I weigh like 160 and there is very little flex to it. I think that the apex line (with the addition of Kick savers) is one of the most durable boards on the market

  4. This is Gedi again i moved the trucks farther down the neck of the apex. However i have found it much harder to slide with the apex than my sector 9 do you have any pointers for me. Does placement of the trucks on the neck affect the way the board responds to me?

    1. Hey Gedi,
      That is pretty weird, moving the trucks is only going to affect your leverage on the Apex a tiny amount (because the difference really isnt that large). My best guess is that you arent used to riding a drop platform like the Apex DD

      What type of Sector were you riding?

      Anyways, I think that once you get used to the apex you will end liking it a whole bunch. I have found it to be surprisingly good at freeride/sliding

  5. Hello, I have 2 questions about this board.
    1) Can it go over speed bumps without scraping the graphic?

    2) I usually hit about 30+ mph downhill. Can this board handle that speed?

    1. Hey Mac,
      Well i cannot answer the first question for sure (because it would depend on your setup) but i can say that i havent had any trouble with it. However, if you are coming up to a very gnarly speed bump you could always use to tail to pop over it :)

      This board should be totally fine for speeds around 30mph too!

  6. do u recommend i buy all the ad ons from the apex website or where do u recommend i buy them

    1. I definitely recommend adding the kick guards, they really make the board much more durable and add a significant amount of pop and control to the tails

  7. Hey, i'm about 6'4 and 230 lbs, ypu think the board will do?

    1. Hey There,

      The Apex 40 DD is a solid choice for a rider about your size, it is the largest size apex offered and has the least flex, i think you would probably like as a nice all around board

      Let me know if you have any more questions,

    2. Thanks for the great feedback!
      I'm planning to buy my first longboars and since I'm a snowboarder i don't know much about them. At first I was looking in to the pintail series from original because i like the style, I have also been looking into the Norwaii longboards series, especially the blue velvet, becuase i think it is really stylish. But i think i will be ordering a Apex 40 Diamond Drop, on the background of your review. Many thanks for your job. You're helping a lot of people!


    3. Hey Asgaut,

      Thank you, and I am stoked that this review could help in your decision! The apex line is much more versatile than a pintail, so I think this would be a great board to learn on and to progress to more difficult riding with

      Enjoy your new ride,

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  9. Hey there I'm a bigger guy 6' 240 and I was wondering if you think it would support me well without A lot of flex. My brother has a 9 layer maple and we can't get that thing to budge.